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"School of Fish, INC is one of the best fish stores in Western MA. Dave will order any fish that you want and get them in. A full stock of saltwater, freshwater, pond fish, live rock, corals, and more! Everything an aquarium hobbyist would need. Cheap NEW fish tanks, equipment, filters, and even cheap fish prices. They even take in trade ins, while most stores don't. You will get good amount of store credit. ALL in ALL a great store with great customer service!!!!!! I recommend anyone stop bye if you love fish!"

Alexander CardinaleCustomer


"They take awesome care of their fish and have GREAT deals."

Sara Suzanne LovottiCustomer


"Best fish tank store in western mass"

Geoffrey CroteauCustomer


"Great service. And advice....... The best"

Ivan Omar Serrano Jr.Customer


"Excellent clean store, great variety, helpful staff! My new rummy nose tetras are doing awesome in my tank!"

Heather StaasCustomer

We specialize in everything aquarium related!


School of Fish will test your water for you and look for problems with your aquarium's chemistry. Just bring is in a few cups of water and we will do the rest.

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Sign-Up at our in-store kiosk and get exclusive deals every friday on your phone. Just a simple text message could save you money!


We have an extremely knowledgable and attentive staff to help with your aquarium planning. Everything you need from A to Z to setup your tank is in stock and comparably priced.

Live Plants

School of Fish has a great selection of live plants for your aquarium. Live plants enhance the ecosystem and aesthetics of your tank. Healthy plants usually mean healthy fish!

Coral and Fragments

We have several tanks set aside specifically for frags and full-size coral. We also have many types of live rock & live sand. Our lighting systems really showcase the color and life of the aquascape you have created.

Live Stock Selection

Our live stock collection rivals any local fish store. Everything from large schools of small fish, african & american cichlids, koi, goldfish, many types of small crustaceans and much more! Let School of Fish populate your aquarium.